Well, Hello World!

After years of working on Frontcraft as a side project, we are delighted to announce that we are getting very close to completion. We are proud to finally be able to make Frontcraft available to more people and help ease the development of cross-platform applications. We will be starting out with the mobile platforms first, Android and iOS will be available at launch, with Web, Windows 10 and macOS following shortly afterwards.

Currently, Frontcraft isn’t open to the public yet. The platform is currently in closed beta to test all our services in a production environment. Our goal is to scale up in a controllable fashion in order to avoid any capacity-related failures and to provide the best experience for everybody involved.

We hope that you will give Frontcraft a try. We will be offering a free 7-day trial period with no feature restrictions. If you are interested in our platform, please request an invitation. This will allow us to notify you, when we are able to let more users onto the platform and when we officially come out of beta.

Until then, we are working hard to squash the last bugs and roll out Frontcraft as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Hopefully, it will have been worth the wait ;)